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Settei/Character sheets Saint Seiya

Welcome Seiyasettei!

Some details about the name of this site. The first term "Seiya" refers to the series Saint Seiya well known in France under the name "Knights of the Zodiac". The second term is probably more obscure to some of you. What is a settei?

The settei or model sheets are all illustrations before production of the series, so the design drawings of the character designer ... Many of these designs in the artbooks (Jump Gold ...) but all are not present.

I therefore propose to acquire or exchange copies of settei in my possession. Some are relatively rare and therefore expensive (have a look on the Yahoo Japan site to get an idea ...). Caution, keep in mind that these are photocopies and not originals settei (these are commercially unavailable).

how to acquire these settei?

Simply use the contact form stating the number of settei and the corresponding numbers (the numbers appear when you click on settei).

If you want to trade, do not hesitate to contact me, I'm open to offers.


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